This is the garbage data you get from government when they have a narrative to spin. The first narrative is to show how everyone is getting the vaccine and the propaganda message is resonating. You can see this on their dashboard under azdhs.gov/covid/data/index.php#vaccination-coverage-byage You will see 104.8% for 65+ (1,325,210 vacinated / 1,264,218 people ages 65+). So if more than everyone in AZ above 65 is vaccinated then how are they showing much higher raw deaths for unvaccinated in the two graphs posted in the article? Seems to be a matching problem and assigning unknown to unvaccinated to make the tall tale of a pandemic of the unvaccinated a reality in their make believe numbers. Either the vax rate is much lower then azdhs is reporting or this report is mis/dis information to use the nomenclature dujuor. Only other possibility is a flood of unvaccinated from out of state coming to AZ to die in our hospitals.

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Yes, NYC also has this problem except not in the 65+ range, though those are likely off, too.

NYC claims it has more than 100% vaccinated in 18-24, 35-44, Asian, and Native American population. We know that's not true.

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